Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ballet shoes

I've made some really dumb, regrettable purchases in my lifetime.

Surprisingly, they usually occur after agonizing in a dressing room or in aisle, asking myself or another person "Do I need this? Will I wear this? Does this look right?".

Most people make better decisions after thinking things through, I am the complete opposite. Whenever I follow my impulse, I rarely regret anything.

Take these Anthropologie flats, for example.

 Normally, anything I buy over $20 requires a couple of days sitting idle in my online shopping cart or in the back of my mind. But when I know it's something I love, something I will wear, something that will look good and fit right, I go in for the kill immediately.

(It also doesn't hurt that they are almost identical to the Chloe ones that will be sitting in my cart for the rest of eternity.)

1 comment:

  1. Go for the kill, I like that. These flats are adorable. Great find.