Tuesday, September 11, 2012

fashion week show notes

Fashion week in September is my favorite time of year. It just seems that it comes at such a crucial point - the dog days of summer are still lingering and I've used up all the creative ammunition I can muster.

Then all of a sudden I see collections like Diane VonFurstenberg come down the runway and realize these designers have been challenging themselves to think of something new for DECADES.

Every fashion week, I find myself following the goings on in different ways. Sometimes it's through other blogs, sometimes it's through Twitter, but this season it's through {Fashionista's Show Notes}. The details make you feel like you were there (for example: What kind of music was played?), the images are clear and the report is super concise.


  1. I know! Marc Jacobs is always such a great inspiration!

    P.S. - I checked out your blog and I love it! Did you go to Blogshop? If so, you can TOTALLY tell. If not, GREAT JOB! You have a new daily visitor :)