Tuesday, September 4, 2012

year one

If you ever have the inclination that you don't grow or change much from year to year - start a blog. I did my very first post last Labor Day and as I look back on all of the postings I've done in the last twelve months, I've realized how much I have learned about myself, how much I have learned from others and how much I still have to learn as time goes on.

Obviously this inspiration blog would be nothing without the people that inspire me. Friends and family, other artists, other blogs all challenge me to work harder and (sooo cheesy) be BETTER! And I'm so thankful for that constant motivation. In particular, I'd like to thank my two sisters who are constantly helping with everything from pictures, to helping me execute my crazy ideas, to telling me "That looks really bad, Molly!" My boyfriend, for listening to my stream of consciousness on daily basis, taking me seriously, and offering advice. Friends (like Colleen, Emily, Rachel, Jeff & Sara Snow, etc. etc.) who are consistently encouraging and instant confidence boosters.

With that being said, I always appreciate the people that take the time to visit here, so thank YOU as well!

If I had any words of advice to any of you thinking of starting a blog it would be JUST DO IT! Not tomorrow. Today! I know, but who would read it? Who would care? I would! So there's one person. And you are probably a much better writer, designer or curator and probably proofread a lot better than I do!

Thanks again for your time and love! Cheers to the year ahead, eh?


  1. Congrats on your 1st anniversary ~ macaron's rule!

  2. Thanks! (and I totally agree about the macaron thing... clearly)

  3. Happy One Year Molly! Love you!