Thursday, March 21, 2013

easter eggs

This Easter is going to be pretty low-key and I'm totally OK with that. This year will be staying at home and not visiting family like we usually do (which is a total bummer), but I'm not letting my favorite tradition be passed over just because we won't be entertaining company.

Dying Easter eggs instantly produce some of my favorite (and funniest) childhood memories. My dad and sisters would have big plans for gorgeous eggs every year. Very quickly, someone would think it would be HILARIOUS to take my precious egg(s) and dunk them in all the colors - leaving them a marbled brown hue. I would cry. But then I would laugh, because it's just an egg after all.

However, if that happened today I would most definitely cry. Once again, I have big plans. I'm planning on loading up on sharpies this year, and have cut out some of my favorite patterns to try to recreate on pastel-dyed eggs.

Stay tuned for some "Before & After" egg dying pics on my {Instagram account} sometime in the next week!

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