Monday, February 6, 2012

unseasonably warm

If you live in the midwest or east coast, you are already aware of the bizarre weather. It's the beginning of February and there is no snow on the ground, no salt on the sidewalks and the sun is shining in a virtually cloudless sky. This year, I prepared for winter - I got a new down jacket, thick socks and stuffed a bunch of hoodies into my closet shelves. I'm not complaing, but I haven't had to use hardly any of these things!

Although I enjoy this weather, I haven't really had a whole lot of time to enjoy it. I've been buried in projects, ideas, and work that I (regretfully) have had no time to enjoy it.

The upside of all of this though is that I have been working on a new website, very exciting business ventures, and a lot of paintings that need to be done. Thankfully, I have been overflowing with inspiration, and I can't wait to share it with you this week!

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