Monday, July 2, 2012

do what the parisians do

I was reading "Parisian Chic: A Style Guide" last night (which was a gift from my sister), and I found myself nodding my head a lot. I've always agreed with the way the Parisians live their lives, the way the dress, and the way they think. This book has already proven to be a great guide that supports all of these things.

For instance - the way they dress. The book suggests to never shop with the intention of buying an outfit - only purchase pieces that you love. The things that feel comfortable and that express your personality will find their way into your daily outfits - you don't need to plan much more than that.

JCrew Tee | Anthropologie Shorts | Anthropologie Clutch

See above for an example. I love each of these pieces though I would've never put them together in a single shopping trip. I wore this outfit this weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable, happy and put together I felt.

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