Tuesday, November 13, 2012

oh, hi!

Don't worry! I did not abandoned you, blog. In fact, in the past week I've grown to appreciate you more. Pretty ironic that my last post was about not giving up. Believe me - I haven't. Work has taken a front seat but I'm ready to work hard to balance the two - my daytime job & my nighttime job (aka painter, pinterest'er, blogger, etc.).

I really missed the challenge of posting regularly so I'm back and ready to tell you what I've been up to!

I created this piece for my friends, Jeff & Sara Snow. Jeff was in town over this past weekend from their new home in Colorado so I worked a couple late nights to finish this on time! I'm kind of obsessed with this piece. I'm probably going to recreate one for myself.

Last Thursday, I spent my afternoon painting in Moosejaw's shop window. It was a really fun experience that I'm going to do again in the next couple weeks. The finished result is on the right-hand side. The painting is currently hanging in the Detroit pop-up shop! Check it out if you're down there!

I've been getting some great experience helping out with photoshoots. Styling, playing the models' hair, and annoying photographers - it's a lot more fun that I ever thought it could be and I would jump at more opportunities like this!


  1. I'm starting to shoot in Detroit, in fact my first urban shoot with a model is this Sunday! My friend Laur Nash is helping me get started and she's already done some amazing work in the area. Check her portfolio out at www.laurnash.com If you're looking for more ops like this I'd be glad to keep you in mind for future shoots, we're always looking for an extra set of hands.

    1. Yes! I would love that! Please keep me in the loop :)