Thursday, December 27, 2012

small packages

The best gifts always have these two things in common - 1.) They must be beautifully, carefully, and personally wrapped. 2.) They must things that the receiver would want, but would never buy themselves.

I never follow these rules. I'm a "throw it in a bag & give them a gift card" kinda gal. But this year, I tried being an adult and a better gift-giver.

I took some time and bought specific yarn for the bows, stamps for the labels, and classic brown paper for the wrapping.

However, the gifts I gave paled in comparison to the gifts I was given. Above is a sample of what I received from my sisters. The nailpolish, the lipstick and the perfume are all things I lust at, but usually leave it somewhere random on it's trip up to the register.

I'm glad my sisters picked up them behind me ;)

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