Monday, December 10, 2012

the year ahead

It's only December 10th and I already have my new year's resolution figured out - "More original work".

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE creating custom pieces for family, friends and even complete strangers (like I have done over the past year). But it seems that I've overbooked myself, so week after week, I've left little-to-no time for my own creative expression.

Whether it be taking photos or painting with no plan in mind - these types of things have taken a backseat.

I've always been one to say, "I don't care what I'm painting, so long as I'm painting!" which is still absolutely true. But painting, creating, art'ing is also a form of personal therapy, and I need to therapize on my own time with my own ideas more often. (Man, I just completely made up two words in the last sentence.)

I hope you all understand! Please still email, text and call me with requests - I will excitedly and happily oblige - but it might just take a little bit longer to work you in to this new schedule! And who knows, maybe you'll see something you like with all the new ideas I've come up with for the new year :)

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