Friday, February 22, 2013

an unlikely pair

One of the biggest things that draw me out of creative slumps, is thinking of two ideas that seem to be polar opposites and smush them together. It's amazing how many things work together. Colors, ideas, outfits, heck even people are sometimes the most unlikey of pairings, but somehow they work really well together.

Seen above is two images I love. I didn't know how awesome they would look together until I threw them in Photoshop. Now the inspiration is endless - Clouds of a magnificent yellow, a smokey texture with a text overlay, a painting of a sunrise that is crinkled and a bit destroyed, a light denim jacket with a pop of neon underneath with some black ballet flats. I hate to say the following cliche, but it's totally true:

"The possibilities are endless"

Have an awesome weekend!

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