Wednesday, February 27, 2013

things I love | Ranunculus

I'm a girl, so I was born with the "I love flowers" gene. Even if I was a dude, I'm pretty sure I'd still love a fresh bouquet on my nightstand. Because really, who doesn't?!

However, since it's February in Michigan, high-quality flowers are hard to comeby. I've remedied that problem by looking at low-quality pictures of flowers on the internet. It doesn't really have the same effect, but it has taught me a thing or two about which flowers I like and which I hate.

Ranunculus are definitely flowers that I love. They look like roses, but they're fuller and crinklier (and they were mentioned on Downton Abbey). These will definitely be added to my list of flowers I want at my wedding. Can you imagine these in white? Gorg!

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