Tuesday, June 19, 2012

making macarons | Jeff Snow Photography

A long time ago, Sara Snow and I discovered our shared, not-so-secret, obsession with french macarons. I think her fascination comes from the intricate flavors and technique. Mine, however, comes from all the cute fashion girls that eat them.

It's been about a five year love affair for me, and finally Sara came over one night to show me how to make them. Thankfully, her talented husband (and my friend) Jeff Snow, of {Jeff Snow Photography} was there to snap a few pictures.

It helps for one person to stir in the ingredients while another one pours.

Granulating the sugar assures for a better meringue-like texture.

Follow the directions carefully! Precision is the key to making a good macaron.

Things could get a little messy.

Dispensing the batter using a plastic bag makes controlling the flow and shape a lot easier.

Making macarons are time-consuming and a bit stressful - but the results are always worth the effort.


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