Wednesday, July 17, 2013

instagram stalker | @andyspade

I have a very long list of people that would be frightened if they knew how much I loved them. Celebrities, mostly. And I'm not talking about emotional love, I'm talking about the your-work-your-mind-your-creativity-your-clothes-your-outlook-gives-me-chills kind of love. On the top of that list currently is: Lena Dunham, the creator of Breaking Bad, and Andy Spade.

I fell into the wormhole of Google one day and found myself reading article after article on this man. It began with an interest in his wife, Kate Spade, but hearing he was actually the brain child behind the super successful fashion line. It ended with me scrolling through his instagram for about an hour and making plans to go visit his art gallery, Partners & Spade, next time I'm in New York.

Each of his pictures on Instagram is everything a really perfect piece of art should be. It made me look at mundane things around me in a completely different way. It made me figuratively smack myself on the head thinking "Wake up and realize the beauty in a couple of pieces of cantaloupe left in a stainless steel dish!" It's inspiring. Take a look.

All photo credit is to @andyspade

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