Monday, July 15, 2013

places to go | Roasting Plant

Perhaps I should just ignore the fact that I haven't blogged in a month and just get right into it. However, I have to tell you that it was a much needed break. I thought about subject matter and inspiration constantly, but it was kind of nice not feeling like I had to put something, ANYTHING, up on my blog just so there was a daily (or weekly) post. That being said, I always have a longing to share the things I love and the cool stuff I come across, so I've rekindled that old flame. It feels so good! Stay tuned for DAILY posts from here on out, until I get my REAL site up and running. More on that tomorrow.

Now, onto Roasting Plant. My sister took me downtown over the past weekend to show me how they turned the center of Detroit (Campus Martius, to be exact) into a full on beach scene. Totally committed to the theme, Campus Martius is filled with sand, lounge chairs, families, fountains, etc.

And perfectly, Roasting Plant fits right in. It's only location outside of New York, New York, it's a modern and refreshing place right across the street from the "beach"- an ideal place to get an iced latte for a relaxing afternoon in midtown Detroit. I recommend any of their espresso drinks. They come with a strong bite but the beans couldn't be fresher. The surge of energy will do you good. I promise.

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