Friday, November 25, 2011

friday favorite | Trader Joe's Vanilla Jo-Jo's

Vanilla Jo-Jo's from Trader Joes are why I think heaven exists on earth sometimes. DEAR GOD - these cookies.

Yes, that is a picture I snapped while they were laying on my bed. Yes, they are sitting on my nightstand as I write this.

My dad left me a box after a long hard week, knowing that nothing brings me the pure joy that biting into the delicious vanilla bean frosting paired with the (salty?) crunchy cookie. Crunch them up in a blender with some ice cream and milk for the best milkshake you've ever had, and try the other flavors (peppermint & chocolate for Christmas!).

I'm allowed to talk about eating enormous amounts of cookies because I just ran 6 miles.. It's important to keep a balance, people!

Have a great weekend!

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