Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Like I mentioned yesterday, I've tried to look at things that are right in front of my eyes and the way I like to pass my time instead of trying come up with a cohesive theme.

I wore these shoes to a wedding this past weekend with a dress I got from H&M. I won't go as far as to say that they made me hit the dance floor harder (I usually do that all on my own), but it did feel a little more festive. Sparkles will do that to ya.

Last Sunday night, I watched this documentary, "Bill Cunningham New York" (which is on Comcast OnDemand right now). It is about one of the fashion photographers for the New York Times. The way he finds trends is not by searching for them. Instead, he takes hundreds (and probably thousands) of pictures of street style in New York and then pieces themes together. He is a lover of all things beautiful and  watching this was an awesome way to spend an evening.

I love the sunrise color palette (as you tell by the design of this website). In my closet and design that I have been drawn to have been leaning toward the pinks, oranges, and mustards.

Even though I can afford next to nothing in Anthropologie winter catalog - it's a relaxing waste of time to flip through the gorgeous layout and beautiful photography.

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