Monday, November 28, 2011

lost and found

My room always seems to be a mess. I'm a very sentimental person with a great memory (which is the perfect combination for a person on that show "Hoarders").

When I try to clean or get rid of stuff, hours go by. Before I know it, I'm sprawled out on the floor reading poems that I copied down onto scrap paper and stuffed them into chemistry notebooks from high school. I read journal entries from my when I got my first kiss, I find statues that my nana gave me that have been hidden behind large picture frames.

Cleaning my room is always a debacle and never seems to get done.

The things that I have may never be in the perfect place, but I look at the random items I do have as inspiration for current ideas I have or pieces I am working on. I untangle old necklaces and dust off old sketchbooks and appreciate these items in a new and different way.

My dad recently just bought be the book "The Stylists Guide to NYC" by Sibella Court which highlights the great places around New York City where you can find interesting and unique odds and ends for decorating, art or style. Devouring this book makes me want to go to New York, but it also has reinforced the fact that appreciating the items around you is a very good thing.

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