Thursday, October 6, 2011

blog of the week | Katie's Picks

Katie is a huge fan of "The Social Climber" because "The Social Climber" is a huge fan of Lily Pulitzer. She records her life in a series of photos capturing her colorful outfits and jaunts about town. She signs every post "Collars Up" and truely believes that her life is a reason to dress up and celebrate. She's ultra successful and it's a fun blog to follow when you're own day seems a little dull.

This blog is like looking through the world in "Katie Colored Glasses". The author is a beautiful mother of two and seems to exude the same warmth and happiness that the South is known for. "Sweet Southern Prep" is charming and original and also has a LOT of Lily Pulitzer. Katie's love of the South and all things preppy = match made in heaven.

Katie's other favorite's include:

{Dream Life in the City} - Marie Soderberg created her blog as a place to "catalog beautiful images" but it has now been "transformed into an international location for inspiration, and to capture the inspiration and readers from around the world". She speaks about a wide range of topics but keeps everything does classic and stylish.

{Kayce's Blog} - Kayce designs a line of women's and children's clothing and is passionate about it. She shares inspirations and shopping finds in each of her posts. She has a love for pink and green and playfulness, which I think is the reason it reaches the tops of Katie's list. I personally LOVE her style and respect the link she is making between children's art & clothing and fashion/contemporary art. It can be done! And done, well :)!


  1. Y'all are so sweet to feature me! Thank you so much!! :)

  2. OMG so honored to be on your blog. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the feedback from you both!! Made my week!! Stay original and fabulous :)!