Monday, October 17, 2011

looking to the past

Books have always provided me with a ton of inspiration. Whether it be all the classic novels I had to read as an English major, or the coffee table books that I have turned into nightstand books - flipping through them when I'm laying in my bed is both relaxing and rejuventating.

One book in particular that I'm reading right now is "High Society: The Life of Grace Kelly" by Donald Spoto and it immediately got me thinking about the timeless and classic beauty of someone like Grace. The red lips, the high waisted capri pants, and the lace trends that are so in style right now are all thanks to those that have come before us.

The top that I am wearing is a perfect example of this. {Whitney Eve} by Whitney Port created a beautiful lace top in her Spring 2011 collection that has a vintage touch that makes it feel so rare and special.

So this week - I'm digging up old broaches my nana left me when she passed away, looking at old photo albums and scavenging around to find vintage illustrations that could influence a painting or two. I hope you do the same :)

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