Monday, October 24, 2011

boys boys boys

Despite the fact I've been only showing pictures of me wearing colorful high heels, and tons of jewelry - my friends and family will tell you that I appreciate a good "jeans & t-shirts day" any day of the week. I used to go out for the night in high school wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. I always felt comfortable and confident when I was wearing what felt good. Maybe that's why guys always seem to pull off even the simplest looks - white t-shirt, jeans, baseball cap.

We could learn a lot from the guys. Collared shirts, no-fuss hair, and minimal makeup can make you feel just as confident as a little black dress sometimes. I admire guy's fashion, macho taste, and even find inspiration in what they seem to gravitate to as little boys.

So this week is all about the guys. Whether at the moment, you are liking them or hating them - we share the world with them. I've learned to love them.

(my outfit totally looks like I work at a movie theatre.. ohhhh well! hah!)

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