Tuesday, October 11, 2011

inspiration | 05

This cover art by the band She & Him paints a beautiful picture of their vintage and happy sound. They are one of my favorite bands and if the color yellow had a sound - this band would be it.

I've always heard the advice that yellow does not compliment my pale, freckly Irish skin. However, I think there is a right shade for everyone! For me - its a warm yellow that leans toward the mustard hues. Anthropologie does it right with the jacket on the right and the pretty begonia wallpaper. And Lauren Conrad off-sets the bright yellow coat with vintage sunglasses and black platform heals to add a little sass. LOVE!

J.Crew creates this yellow-on-yellow ensemble but keeps it rich by mixing fabrications. It's obviously intentionally matchy-matchy which is what makes it so unexpected. When I saw this - I instantly thought of doing the same thing with the color blue! (But OOPS! We're on yellow this week!)

My dad's favorite movie is "The Kings Speech", so this is for him. Well, it's for me too because I have an obsession with vintage movie posters. If you search for vintage movie posters, you'll most likely come across a whole slew of current movie posters that (very talented) graphic designers have re-done. They turn a motion pictures into a literal work of art.

Photo credit: All images can be found on my pinterest account.

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