Thursday, December 29, 2011

blog of the week | tweaked (green)

This week's "blog of week" comes to you from the ladies of {tweaked (green)}.

tweaked (green) is an energy auditing and green consulting firm for residences and small business that they founded in St. Louis, MO, and this blog shares their findings regarding all things "green". Whether it be decorating, clothes, energy saving tips - Allison Macon and Ashlen Williams know how to blog with style!

I am a big supporter of the green movement, which is what initially drew me to their site. The clean and interesting, tribal-meets-sophisticated aesthetic is kind of what keeps me coming back for more. The color scheme reminds me of a cool drink of water. (Ok, I'll stop.)

Their photography is original and beautiful, just like their company. You can tell how much heart and soul makes up each post. It's easy to see when people are passionate about something, and Allison and Ashlen are passionate about taking care of the world around us without sacrificing up-to-date, modern style.

Anyways, I encourage everyone to check out their site {here} and go unplug your cellphone charger! (My favorite way to conserve energy).

Image credit to tweaked (green)


  1. Thanks you so much! We are honored to be featured on your blog! :)