Monday, December 12, 2011

making a list, checking it twice

I really made a vow to myself to try to relax during the holidays this year. But that plan got thrown out the window, when I was invited to go to Florida for the week. This week. I'm leaving on Thursday, so this past weekend was spent making a giant to-do list, and checking the items off one-by-one. My original plan for this holiday season was to put off getting gifts as long as possible. The procrastinator in me agreed. Why do something now when you can do it later?

Well, that has also been added to my giant to-do list. Instead of wasting time at the overcrowded malls, I decided online shopping has been a nice and relaxing alternative in the middle of this tornado of Christmas. I can sit at my desk, (or outside on a clear winter day) find it without stress or worry.

This week is about taking a moment to breathe, looking around and enjoying the holidays. I encourage you to do the same.


  1. Great advice! I hate to see people miserable during the holidays. We should all remember to relax :)

  2. that is a beautiful sweater you are wearing! you also did a wonderful job selecting a variety of great gifts and quality products! keep up your good holiday attitude and enjoy the season! :)