Friday, December 23, 2011

friday favorite | Christmas Cookies

Like I mentioned (before}, I am not crafty. Well - I should probably mention I'm not "bake-y" either. As in, I don't bake things well or often.

But since it's Christmas, and Christmas is a time for miracles, I decided to do something really simple. Dip my favorite cookies (Vanilla Jo-Jo's and Oreos) in melted vanilla and chocolate coating. I also added some crushed peppermint shavings and red sprinkles for a little color.

They're pretty much as easy as making a PB&J, and are very design-friendly. Below are how mine turned out.

My sister also made Christmas cookies last night. She (much more of a baker than I am) made shortbread and put peppermint candies in the center (altering red and green).

I think both of them turned out really well! (And they are so friendly to people like me who would rather watch "A Christmas Story" that get my hands dirty in the kitchen.)

Enjoy the Christmas celebration and have a great holiday weekend, you guys :)

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