Thursday, January 19, 2012

blog of the week | Atlantis Home

{Atlantis Home} is my "blog of the week" this week because exquisite taste level and artistic quality in the fashion and photography. Judy Aldridge (mother of Jane Aldridge from "Sea of Shoes" seen {here}) clearly passed down her creative spirit and interest in craftsmanship to her daughter.

What I love about her (and Jane) is their sincere interest in the absurd, original, and "un-ordinary". Trips around the world often include extensive shopping trips to toy stores (She even has another blog called "Plastic Animal a Day"). They are photographed on the streets wearing ensembles that look like they just stepped off the runway. And each piece of clothing, jewelry or shoes seems to be one-of-a-kind, obscure finds. Each piece retains a life of it's own - thanks to impeccable styling.

I enjoy scrolling back to Judy's earliest posts to find inspiration and new discoveries that I've forgotten about. I'm sure you will too!

Image credit: {Atlantis Home}

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