Monday, January 9, 2012

midwinter night's dream

There is a reason why bears hibernate in the winter. The endless dark hours are ideal for long, long winter naps. For me, I think the unfavorable weather is a perfect excuse to stay on the couch. And the warm light from a fire place is always nicer (and more flattering) than harsh sunlight.

But since I'm not a bear and I'm pretty sure my job frowns hibernation as a means of vacation, I think taking time to enjoy the comforts of winter is a good alternative. The endless amount of food left over from the holidays and comfort of pajamas are two reasons why January is one of my favorite months.

Throw some Bailey's in a coffee, take a lounging position in the most comfortable chair, and plant your laptop on your knees, while watching your favorite guilty pleasures on TV. You have every excuse to be lazy!

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