Monday, January 16, 2012

what kind of girl?

When fashion designers begin a collection for a new season, many ask themselves, "What kind of girl am I designing for?". Recently, I have been thinking about the same thing. As I prepare to submit pieces for review for art fairs and shows coming up later this year, I have been searching for a direction in which to take my work. Inspiration hit when I was reading an article about Anna Sui and her upcoming collection. She always has a very distinct girl in mind.

I've begun asking myself these same type of questions (such as What does she look like? What are her hobbies? Where does she live? What's her career? etc.) and I am going to try answering them through the different paintings.

Obviously, the goal is always to remain true to oneself and create art that is a reflection of the artist's perspective. However, I also like the idea of challenging myself to think of the different type of people (this time around - girls), personalities and interests and have that influence the work that I do.

So this week, I'm channeling the "classic and put together" type girl. The kind of girl who is smart and polished and always looks freshly showered. Her interests range wide, but always lean towards the conservative side (a lot of black-and-white photography, pearls, pencil skirts, and demure, ladylike hobbies). For me, that is a BIG stretch but I'll give it a try!

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