Thursday, January 5, 2012

blog of the week | Because I'm Addicted

Check out Geri Hirsch's {about me} page and you will begin to understand why she is my pick for the "blog of the week".

{Because I'm Addicted} is a well-maintained blog about everything this girl is into. The reason that I love her is because it's exciting to find someone out there with the same tastes as yourself. This is what I found with {Because I'm Addicted}. She's a girl I could be friends with and we would have a lot to talk about.

Her interests, style and aesthetic range from earthy hippie to fashion-conscious "it girl". One minute, she's putting up posts about recent J.Crew lookbooks and the next is about some new and different art discovery or cool recipe.

In a world of many blogs, it's rare to come across one that really makes you say, "I love that!" or "I've never seen that before!" to every post.

Image source {here}


  1. thanks for your feature on geri ~ she and her blog are awesome!!
    xx, kristina

  2. thanks kristina! i feel the same way! and thanks for the comment geri! WHAT AN HONOR!!