Monday, January 30, 2012

early riser

I don't really enjoy moving fast in the mornings. 

My alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button just like everyone else. Except I don't go back to sleep. Instead, I flip through twitter on my cellphone, turn on my bedside lamp, and open the book that has fallen off my bed from the night before. I pet my dog, think about what I want to wear that day, and then slowly but surely begin a lengthy, yet relaxing morning routine.

Even on weekends, it's no different. I naturally wake up early and do basically the same thing that I do during the week. However, on Saturday and Sunday mornings I do more reading, a little more cleaning, and I always try to make time to go out for breakfast. I'm not a big breakfast food lover, but I love the leisurely pace of that weekend meal.

So this week, I've been inspired by mornings. The colors, the routines, and the things you can do to start your day off right before heading into the feverish pace of the rat race,

P.S. - Above is a picture of one of my favorite breakfasts. A plain bagel, scooped out, toasted (the crunchier, the better) with cream cheese, tomato, and cucumber. I highly recommend it! 

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