Monday, September 12, 2011

cooling off

My mom used to have a "color card" in her purse from the 1980's. From the time I was about 7, my mom let me know that because of we have light eyes and pale skin, we look better in "cool colors". Which means I need to stay away from "hot (fun) colors" like reds and pinks and browns. Telling a little girl she shouldn't wear pink? Real nice, Mom. (Juust kidding).

Since then, I've embraced this "cool color" family whole-heartedly. I decided to get some mint-chocolate ice cream to celebrate. Which melted REAL fast. But I have to admit, it was stranglely refreshing... HAH!

This week is all about getting inspired by things that will cool you off. So grab a really drippy ice cream cone, sit on the gravel bricks by the water on Lakeshore, and watch the sun go down so that you can relish in a refreshing night out.


  1. I like that that you have a "theme" to get inspired by weekly. Good stuff Molly.

    PS, why has your wrist watch turned into a forearm watch? haha


  2. thanks kim! my bracelets always end up around my forearm... it gets them out of the way! hah!

  3. You're so cute:) I guess I'm a "cool" girl, too.

  4. Oh my gosh!! MADE! MY! WEEK! thank you so much melisa!