Monday, September 26, 2011


Where do you go when you feel you wanna get away from it all?

Well if you're like me, you live on a budget and you have a job with only so many vacation days. With these restrictions, I have found a way to find places that make you feel away from your usual surroundings. My place happens to be anywhere downtown in my hometown of Detroit - architecture, cars whizzing by, narrow streets, bums, trash, fountains, art, culture.

This week is all about finding those places that bring us rejuvenation. Some of these places are close (like the Detroit Institute of Arts), some are distant (like the rich forests of Costa Rica), and others have a special place in our hearts for sentimental reasons.

While sitting at your desk, typing away, it's important to remember that a daydream to somewhere far far away is an important way to maintain your sanity

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