Tuesday, September 13, 2011

inspiration | 01

I've always loved the "Easter Sunday" color palette. I love cool greens like I showed yesterday as well as the pale pinks and melon colors found in Neapolitan ice cream cone. However, like a cherry on top of strawberry ice cream, I also like mixing the unexpected bold color along with a muted pallet. It makes the pop of color pop even more and makes the creamy tones of pastels seem even more serene.

Steve Madden created a shoe that is perfect to recreate this idea. A red dress with a muted (but eye-catching) patent leather heel would allow both the dress and the shoe stand alone, as well be a cohesive and colorful ensemble for a night out.

Artist Joanna Goss illustrates this idea perfectly in a lot of her pieces which made me an instant fan. Take a look at her website to see more!

Sweet treats can inspire the perfect palette (HAH! get it! like palette.. of taste..no? ok!) for a wedding, baby shower, or girly bedroom.

You can't forget about the cool colors. Like delicious peppermint ice cream, these hues can refresh and compliment warmer temperatures (which you will see in my post tomorrow!).


  1. I love mint, and I especially love the pairing of mint with cherry red! Your blog is so cute, Molly!

  2. thank so much for checking it out jenny! means a lot! big fan of YOUR blog!