Tuesday, September 20, 2011

inspiration | 02

I have a fascination with trying to find unique color combinations. Below are a few excellent examples that I happened upon. I am inspired by people that aren't afraid to decorate with color. BRIGHT colors! HAPPY colors! (Like below)

Mixing and (not) matching takes confidence. Confidence is intoxicating in my opionion. Ergo - mixing and (not) matching is intoxicating. Ok - maybe INTOXICATING is a bit strong... but it is eye catching and you just instantly know the girls below have a free spirit and a I-Don't-Care-What-People-Think-I'm-Happy-Being-Me attitude.

This video from Kate Spade is about a girl who definitely is not afraid of being (and wearing things) out of the ordinary.

If she can do it, you can do it!  Get out there and "LIVE COLORFULLY"

all image credits can be found on my pinterest account


  1. Hi Molly! I saw your comment over at Design Scouting and came over to take a look-see -- I think your new blog is FANTASTIC! I love the whole colorful vibe you've got going and the way you are laying out your imagery -- it's very fun and fresh and POW! I look at tons of blogs and after awhile they sometimes start to blur in my mind -- I think you definitely have a cool vision going on here. I write a blog about kiddo stuff and children's books and every Friday I do a Cool Stuff List -- your 'lion sleeps tonight' print is going on it! Aloha! Melissa

  2. Thank you so much Melissa for the great and positive feedback! It literally made my heart drop!

    I'll be so excited to see the post on Friday! As well as look through your other posts on my lunch break! Made my Tuesday, girl! You have a new fan!