Friday, September 23, 2011

friday favorite | Missoni for Target scarf

I was one of those crazy people last week when Missoni for Target launched nationwide. Unfortunately, I wasn't THE craziest person because I went to Target with a couple of friends from work on our lunch break. By the time we got there, virtually everything was gone. We walked around like lost puppies. I would be lying if I didn't make some random impulse purchases that day (that are now on ebay hah!) but one of the things that I got and actually love is this scarf!

I've been kinda obsessed with getting a scarf like this for a few months now. When I make a stroll through Urban Outfitters, I always pick up and walk around with 1 or 2 headband/scarf thingys, however I've never actually purchased one. If you are grappling with this mind-numbing debate - I suggest you get one. Believe me, you'll wear it!

And if you don't actually wear it, tie it around a purse... because... what else are you going to do with a random impulse purchase like a scarf!?

Or put it around a lamp if you're feelin' real crazy! (Do I sound sarcastic? I don't mean to! I can't really think of another way of wording these sentences!)

Or give it to a friend like me.. I'll make good use of it :) Happy Friday, you guys!

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